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Ontology Cryptocurrency (ONT Reviewed by an Ethereum Developer!)

Token Talk Tuesday returns with an Ontology cryptocurrency review! After a couple of days looking into Ontology, I wanted to share what you need to know about ONT and my thoughts about the platform. In this video, we are discussing the Ontorand Consensus Engine, Ontology Staking, ONG and ONT tokens, and much more! Let’s hash it out!

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Ontology Coin Explained: the Ontology network is a hybrid proof of stake / byzantine fault tolerant / and variable random function consensus blockchain. The Ontology coin, ONT, is accompanied by the ONG gas token. Ontology vs NEO is another topic that will be coming soon.

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  1. Just came across your channel after seeing you on the Cardano Effect. Been binge-watching your reviews and was wondering if you've considered doing one on IOTA. Would love to know your thoughts on that project. Cheers and congrats on the great content.

  2. Came here expecting to learn about ONT … left here FINALLY understanding Digital Identity on the BLOCKCHAIN!! Braw…. you need to add that to the description OR make a whole separate vid and explain this again… thank you!!!

  3. It would definitely help with identity theft and would very likely save companies billions of dollars.

    The best way to do it might be to ask or require everyone to verify their identity and the carry that identity, say as a mark, maybe on their hand or their forehead so they could easily be verified, maybe with Vechain, IoT on the 5G network. 😉😁

  4. Great video, ONT staking rewards are AWESOME TOO… If you stake ONT you ill need to use the O Wallet and rewards are approximately 38.5% ROI… for instance, if you stake 3500 ONT you will receive 170 ONG per month. As of long term price prediction 2021-22 we may be looking at a $500.00 ONT and $300.00 ONG. I believe this coin/ token will end up un the top 10 before the end of 2019. ONT has moved from 27th place to 18th over the past 90 days. ONT is NEO on steroids, NEO went from.11 cents in March 2017 to over $163.00 in January 2018. Please look into ONT if you watched this informative video and look into investing in this project, Microsoft, Amazon and Google Cloud has adopted ONT on their platforms. The only direction I see this price is going is up from here, HAPPY INVESTING.

  5. Great video! By far the best explanation I’ve seen for Ontology. I especially like that it’s from developer’s prospective (as opposed to pure speculation and just reading someone else’s explanation from their website/whitepaper). I look forward to your future content. Subbed.

  6. Potato on sandwich ? Hell yeah.
    Custom built blockchains for enterprises with different functions, tackling of the idea of digital identity and randomization witin the consensus to make it unpredictable ? Hell yeah.
    Never heard of this project, only now had time to watch some of your token talks.
    The randomization within the consensus might be the biggest threat for malicious parties, its like what are you supposed to hack if you dont even know what you are doing.
    The KYC in my opinion is totally fine if this project is aimed at enterpises, it gives them more assurance that the party at the other end is valid.
    Very good video thank you

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