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This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can reach 20k again and if we will be seeing a crypto currency market recovery this year. Things like the lightning network have provided huge improvements for BTC and while it is true that others like Roger Ver with Bitcoin Cash (bcash) may disagree, I do see these blockchain technology innovations to be very bullish fundamental signs for the space.
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  1. I remember back when we were over 6k the same thing actually happened. I think it was the last time the ETF was delayed and the price actually went up a bit and people said exactly the same thing about how thats a sign that the bear market is ended and now we are down just over 3k. So I dont think its a sign of the bear market ending although I do believe we are close to the bottom now. I still think we could go below 3k. I still would like to see really big volume to confirm the bottom 🙂

  2. One other thing everyone needs to realize. 70-80 percent of Bitcoin is owned by the top 10 percent. Which means, you and you and you and you and me couldn't move this market at all even if we banned together. From 19.5k to 3.3k… If we cant even put a dent in the market by selling everything we all own, who do you think moved this market downward? And, no, they are not done yet. They want everyone to bail out so they will take it down even further. The best idea is sell now and ladder in from 2.2k down to that 1k mark. It will most likely take 3 attempts to blast through 6k again so if the market does turn around there will be plenty of time. Dont fomo though, 30-50 percent consolidations are always the norm during the ascension. Expect retracements down to the first wave, the highest point of the previous pyramid. Let's get it!

  3. I really like your observation. It actually kind of makes sense, that because of the not happened reaction on the rejected ETF maybe most of the bears are out of the market at this point. But maybe some people don't think that an ETF would be THAT influencial on the BTC price or the market itself and so the rejecting did not really matter for them. After all you have big investors buying OTC and the 'mum and pop investors' rather stay the hell away of that "crashed thing" called bitcoin. Everybody else who is convinced that the next Bull-Run will happen and that crypto is the future will invest and stay invested no matter what.

  4. Well Charles hospinson whatever only if he could predict all the bull runs since 2011.. Now he has come up with some shady targets.. Most coin devs also are paid actors just one thing u need to understand technology spreads like anything today if a kid is born in next 7 years that kid would be accessing digital money.. So every year there are billions of kids are born and after a year they began accessing tabs etc. Today's generation want easy access to money fiat is slow to transfer and has flaws..So u could guess where we actually heading

  5. You can't enter a bull market without a relatively (i.e., months-log) extended period of consolidation- It's probably going to bump along for a few months, and then slowly start climbing.

  6. Accumulating BTC since 2012… Got in on the ground floor with LTC & TrX (for speed) iOST & ZIL (for scalability) NCASH & TNB (for resource buybacks and mining)… Just bought another 100,000,000 DENT, HOT & NPXS (for resource buybacks and mining FOR information is knowledge and KNOWLEDGE is POWER) each @12 & 28 sats… Invest with confidence and patience… They WILL ALL 100x – 1000x by 2020! 😉 HODL

  7. Why do you say "Bitcoin has failed?" Why are you buying into the bitcoin cash propaganda? You need to do a video on this. It's one thing to do your TA analysis, but it's another to throw your unfounded FUD into the mix. It's pretty fucked up in my opinion.

  8. I tried to warn everyone last year about the Bitcoin free fall and how it would go under $5,000.
    (NPXS) is finally coming out of its hole. Excited – (NPXS) .09 TO .16 CENTS

  9. The ETF news was already priced-in. I don't think anyone seriously expected the ETF to get approved. Lack of selling is not a sign of a bull market, or a bottom – just look back at 6k. Hopium is dangerous. Until we get a real capitulation, bitcoin doesn't interest me. Either we go sideways for a long long time, in which case my capital is better invested elsewhere, or we capitulate soon. If we capitulate above 2k, I'd be very surprised. Way too many people are thinking "bull market soon". Clearly 3k BTC hasn't cause enough pain, and has not shaken the weak hands. I don't think 2k will be any different. That basically leaves 1k. I could be wrong, and I'm fine with that. I can jump on the bull train when it's clearly in motion rather than prematurely boarding what could be a train wreck.

  10. The market lately reminds me of when you are really sick and you throw up uncontrollably for a while and everything comes out, then your stomach keeps convulsing at the end but there is nothing left in your stomach. Maybe it's just me?

  11. Perhaps the tumbles we saw on 1/9 and 1/19 were insiders that knew about ETF situation, and they were getting their money out earlier. That's why we didn't see the market reactive much yesterday.

  12. The longer this sideways movement continues, the greater the chance we get one final drop down. This market can trend sideways for months, we have seen this already. Time will tell if I am right or wrong.

  13. I think September (if i'm not wrong on month) ETF delay also did not affect the price at all. Although people said it was already accounted for before the delay. What do you think Forflies?

  14. I honestly dont really know why people buy crypto anymore. If you want to make gains you can just as easily 2-3x on the stock market with basic knowledge. Why would you invest into something that has no institutional interest. If yall dont care about the tech which obviously no one does why would it matter to you if you bought company xyz instead of ethereum. IF your main goal is to make money then be honest wwith yourself and go to the stock market. Just because the tech is so great doesnt mean it will increase in value.

  15. Love the content bro!
    Someone please tell me what forefies says in his greeting? I've been trying to work it out for months, "whassyaguys-hows" is the best I can manage!?!?

  16. Oh man you're talking just for talking, small talk. ETF cancelled/delayed or whatever is not a surprise for noone that's why there has been no reaction. AND EVERYONE IS FORGETTING SOMETHING ! It's not because we are close from the bottom in terms of DAYS, that we are close from the bottom in terms of PRICE => bottom could be in 3 weeks with a btc at 1800$, we could consider this as near the bottom !

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