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LEO Token (LEO) Review – How Bitfinex ICO'd Itself Out Of Trouble

Bitfinex has been a controversial exchange for years already. They got hacked in 2016 losing 120,000 BTC. Then they launched the most controversial crypto project ever: Tether. Recently they lost $850 million due to a seizure of their account at their payment provider Crypto Capital and decided to launch a utility token “LEO” to cover the loss.


But is it worth paying attention to?

Not financial advice.


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  1. I'm a little disappointed. You emphasize too much the potential gains, and too little the toxicity that Bittfinex/Tether brings to the crypto ecosystem. They are very shady and suspicious. The way they are able to print "money" out of thin air with tether and manipulate markets (search "influence of tether on BTC pumps" for example). It's a damn right shame that good people like you even consider backing their projects. It may give you gains on the short term, but over time, it's hardly an investment you can trust. I like your channel and I respect your opinions, but on this one you let me down.

  2. I find Bitfinex too shady – I bet they know exactly that they never get the money back 🙂 But thx for Cargo X little Belgish guy _ it nearly doubled since a bought it about a week ago 😉 Do you have zilliqua in your Portfolio ? They launched their sharding smart contracts recently…

  3. It's probably going to do very well, unfortunately not for the right reasons. Everyday exchanges exist, more and more people will rely on these entities, history may or may not repeat itself but centralization in all aspects has already proven itself to be ineffective and/or susceptible to corruption.

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