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Ellipal Hardware Cryptocurrency Wallet | Should You Buy? Honest Review 2019

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  1. Ryan just saw your youtube video on the Ellipal wallet i have the new Ellipal Titan wallet…can you tell me how you get crypto from the app to the Ellipal Titan cold storage…thanks in advance

  2. Very good vid. I got an email today and they're offering a 30% discount on the price plus a free Sim card. So I came to your channel to see how it works. I will most likely buy one and then take a hammer to my Nano S. They should have named it Nano POS.

    The most important part of your explanation was at the end when you mentioned how easy it is to recover all the coins to another crypto wallet if Ellipal bites the dust.

    Re the standby power, the 650 hours translates to 27 days. So I would set my calendar to recharge it every 3 weeks. If it went completely dead, can it still be recharged? Do you lose all the coins if that happens?
    Cheers, Bob

  3. I own Nano s and been searching for new wallet, since Nano screwed with last update and does not allow many wallets. Much less than before update:( So, thank you for this overview! I would like to see your videos on Uptrennd too! Great crypto platform.

  4. Devices are a bit tricky because what assure the user that it's not being monitored like most devices can be monitored. I like Ledger because its like a Flashdrive. You store it and no one knows whats going on. My opinion. These devices can be compromised by the government.

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