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Tron (TRX) – Truth REVEALED! Top 10 Reasons to Invest – Ultimate Review

TRX Tron News – Everything you need to know about the controversial cryptocurrency as well as the Bitorrent (BTT) news for 2019.

A lot of people see Tron as all hype with no real substance. But is that true?


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Tron (TRX) is a project dedicated to decentralizing the web it can be best described as a decentralized combination of Netflix, Youtube and the App store.
TRON are aiming to create an entertainment platform that allows content creators full control over their content. They plan to accomplish this by cutting out the giant corporate “middle men” and putting all the profit earning potential back into the content creator’s hands.
You cannot talk about Tron without mentioning their controversial founder – Justin Sun. He was personally invited to become one of the first students of Hupan University. A university that was founded by Chinese business magnate Jack Ma (Alibaba).
The BitTorrent Foundation, has issued a new BitTorrent Token (BTT) that will run on the Tron protocol. BitTorrent already has 100 million users, which will essentially jump start Tron’s ecosystem. Their goal is to convert all the 100 million monthly users of BitTorrent into cryptocurrency users.
Unlike many blockchain projects, TRON has already introduced a fully functioning product and has more than 100 Dapps. Tron has achieved the high throughput of 2,000 TPS compared to the current 25 TPS of Ethereum.
As more content is listed on the TRON platform and users convert to the platform, the demand for the token will increase and the price should technically follow.
TRON supports various kinds of blockchain networks and smart contract systems including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more. This provides developers with multi-protocol infrastructure for entertainment app development.

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  1. Thanks Mineable
    I have a ledger nano
    I was just concerned that something with all the compliance issues that I wouldn’t be able to cash out with everything being up in the air
    Does ledger nano support btt?
    I know it supports tron

  2. I hope you are still following your subscribers comments as I do not know what to do with my trx and btt now that Binance is shutting the US out to become compliant , that being said , we do not know for sure trx and btt will be on the new binance (US compliant)exchange. where do i put it and will it be easy to cash out WHEN the time comes…pls respond as this is very important.

  3. The key thing to note is this dinner is for charity. I hate to burst anyones bubble but I refuse to pump bs sunshine. Buffet will NOT invest money in Tron in any way. The very best is Warren may give some suggestions and I suppose it could put Trons name out more. Now get ready for the crash once others get hold of this news and it sinks in..

  4. Most intelligent acquisition ever made by Justin Sun – the purchase of BITTORRENT – it immediately legitimized TRON ! 2019 ? Should be an amazing year for ALL crypto, but BTT will explode to become a top 25 project on CMC, while TRON will become a Top 10 project.

  5. Hello, I am a new subscriber. I really enjoyed this video overview about Tron and I also enjoyed your Ve Chain video. But I’m just curious, have you made one on Ripple and XRP?

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