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VegaWallet Review – The Complete Crypto Platform

Disclaimer: This is a paid review. Please read the full disclaimer below.

VegaWallet aims to be an all around platform for cryptocurrency and blockchain based payment solutions. Check out my review about and learn more about what they are doing on their website below.


I do not give financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. If you are looking for financial advice, then you should go to google and look for a licensed financial advisor in your area. The shit I write is simply for entertainment purposes. Any predictions or opinions I express here are speculative in nature. You should never trust anyone on the internet who tells you where or how to invest your money.

This article contains no advice on buying or selling any assets. This is not a review of an ICO or a tradable asset. This is purely a technology review, and should not be the basis for which you decide to invest your money. There are many other variables behind projects that impact success that I do not discuss in my technology reviews.

I have been paid to carry out a neutral review of the technology behind this Client’s project. However, the Client has no control over what I choose to write in my reviews, and the thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own as an individual. The Client did not alter or edit my review before publication.

 I have been paid $1900 for this review, a podcast sponsorship, and other deliverables for this Client.

I do not do paid reviews unless the project peaks my interest and meets my standards. This Client met these standards, and I feel comfortable writing this review because I believe the the tech is interesting and novel. I will always make clear when a review is paid for.


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