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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News – Bakkt Launch, Apple Watching

Tune in for today’s Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency news. Bakkt, Apple and more!

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  4. Since December bear market lows:

    Bitcoin +235%
    Litecoin +200%
    Ethereum +120%
    XRP -10%

    For the people exclaiming that Litecoin is weak and price is failing…..

    Stop. You look silly.

  5. Binance had a 5 minute pump in BTC up to 10900 today. Not sure if that is an error in the App or someone bought up the order book that fast and manipulation is coming because of Bakkt tomorrow. Or maybe just an American buying BTC to get their funds out before the ban.

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  7. He is too conservative. The close in number is close. The Time frames are tighter. This assessment does not account for the Institutional players and the amount of people looking for Bitcoin. I think we could go to 300 K in the next few years. Possible to go to 100 K and then sell back to 50K before continuing on.

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